Music Rosary

by Rogeniv Feat. Rev. Kieran McMahon & Matthew Marcel

A 4-CD compilation of all four of the ancient mysteries of the Holy Rosary FULLY SUNG by Rogeniv and his son, Matthew to acoustic guitar, complete with biblical reflections beautifully narrated by well-loved retired priest of Sacramento, CA, Father McMahon. Enjoy over 3 hours worth of meditation on the birth of Christ (Joyful), His suffering and death (Sorrowful), His resurrection (Glorious) and His ministry here on earth (Luminous). Experience the FULL Music Rosary Compilation by clicking on links below. Complete 4-CD set available for purchase HERE.

Click on mysteries below to enjoy FREE streaming of the whole Music Rosary compilation:

JOYFUL - Mon & Sat

SORROWFUL - Tue & Fri   

GLORIOUS - Wed & Sun