After "The Wedding Singer" starring Adam Sandler came out, I vowed never to call myself a "wedding singer" (and still don't:), but the fact of the matter is, singing at weddings and receptions comes so naturally to me. I've been doing them professionally since the age of 15 and really there's just no better feeling than pouring my heart and soul into a song during these moments when two people become one.


I can do all the music for your wedding ceremony, including 20 minutes of live pre-ceremony music, as your guests are walking in, which really sets the overall mood for your special day! And of course, I can do as many songs as needed within the ceremony, which usually includes a song as your bridal party walks in, one when the bride walks, one soon after your vows, and one as your bridal party and you and your spouse exit. Also, when necessary, I will add really soft, beautiful acoustic background instrumentation throughout the ceremony to avoid any "blank" moments and help everything flow like a well-rehearsed show. 


If you are having a cocktail hour / hors d'oeuvres before the actual reception, usually while you will be taking pictures, I can provide an hour's worth of music that your guests will enjoy and even sing along to. I always mix it up, but stick to everyone's favorites all the way from the 60's to present, depending on the ages of you and your guests. 


In the beginning of the reception, right after you and your spouse are introduced, you can slow dance to your "special song", whatever that may be. I will sing it as beautifully as I possibly can! This moment will leave your guests both teary-eyed and smiling uncontrollably. 


During your reception while you and your guests are eating, I can sing an hour's worth of music... preferably over a grand piano that hopefully your reception hall venue can provide. I will keep the music lively, fun and uplifting, coloring with a bit of nostalgia while also keeping it modern and fresh. 


Finally, soon after all the guests have eaten, the father will have a dance with his lovely daughter. I will sing a special song to capture this wonderful and touching moment.

Custom song

If you would like a special customized song professionally written, produced and recorded, I can do that too! I would simply conduct a brief interview with the both of you (or just one of you if you'd like to surprise your spouse!) then I will get to work at my home music studio and create your own unique full-length customized song. I will produce the music to it, record the vocals including any needed harmonies, put your special song on a keepsake CD for you and, of course, perform it LIVE for your First Dance!  



Music to me is such an integral part of ANY event; a universal language and art that crosses so many barriers and affects EVERYONE. And when it is done not only live and professionally, but also with such a deep sense of passion that everyone within ear's reach is truly touched in the heart... THAT is my job, my calling. It's what I live for!

As a sort of "one-man band", I sing while accompanying myself with either the guitar or piano and I use my own mic, P.A. system, etc.

If you happen to be having a Catholic wedding, I am familiar with the liturgy, and the various parts of the Mass, which I will sing and play the music to.

If you're working with a wedding coordinator, I will be in communication with them so everything runs smoothly and to make sure nothing is over-looked. I will also do the same with your officiant and your DJ.

Feel free to contact me so we can meet in person and talk more in detail about the song selection, pricing, etc. or if you simply have questions.

I look forward to being a part of your special day!


"Your beautiful singing really messed up my make-up. I couldn't stop tearing!" - Jennifer B.

"I thought someone was playing a CD in church, but it was YOU singing so beautifully! - Linda R.

My wife and I are still amazed every time we hear your voice on our wedding video! You added SO much to our special day!" - Wayne G.

You gave us more than we could have ever asked for! - Barbara S.

The first time we heard your voice, we knew instantly that we had to have you sing at our wedding... and we weren't even engaged yet! - Soparith M.

Our guests wouldn't stop talking about your amazing talent! Thanks again for sharing your wonderful gift. - Anthony D.

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