"The force is strong with this one."


When I was much younger , around the time "Empire Strikes Back" came out, I secretly swore I had "the force." I'd intently stare at an object, hoping to just nudge it... of course, solely with my mind. Well, in a weird way, I still think I have the force... even though I have failed miserably at every attempt at telekinesis. The force, to me, simply put, is the energy of the universe. The energy of the universes and everything contained in it, megaverse, so to speak, is simply all of God, the creator of All. Of course this is just my humble opinion, so don't be weirded out by my spiritual or religious beliefs. But I believe we all have "the force" within us. We, as a people, generally don't always tap into it.

A hunch, a strange or gut feeling, a sudden instinct to say or do something you normally wouldn't do.. all these cases and then some to me are examples of "the force" working with us. And the more we utilize its power and recognize the good it can bring us as a whole, the stronger "the force" will be within us.

Sometimes I teach music at St. Robert Catholic School in Sacramento. From "T.K", which is before kindergarten, all the way to 8th grade. Before my 3rd grade class showed up, something prompted me to sit at the piano. I sat and "let my fingers play". A beautiful, distinct and catchy melody came out. Then the class showed up. I felt like sharing the melody with them and told them that maybe we could make it into a song. And so we did, and I shared the idea with the rest of the classes I taught that day, and everyone contributed. By the end of the day, a song was born. I named it "Blessed Trinity", and the lyrics (short version) are as follows:

My Father God, I love you so                                                                                                  For breathing life in me                                                                                                                       I give you thanks, I give you praise                                                                                                 I'm yours eternally

My Jesus Christ, I love you so                                                                                                           You bled and died for me                                                                                                                     I give you thanks, I give you praise                                                                                                     In heaven I will be

Spirit of God, I love you so                                                                                                                  I feel your light in me                                                                                                                      I give you thanks, I give you praise                                                                                                    I'll shine for all to see

Bridge:                                                                                                                                                 My Father God, my Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit: the trinity                                                                 The GREAT I AM, my risen Lord, the breath of God... please live through me

My Father God, please love through me                                                                                           My Jesus, heal through me                                                                                                            Spirit of God, please shine through me...                                                                                          The Blessed Trinity

Written by the Children of St. Robert Catholic School & Rogeniv

Totally random pic of what I ate for lunch... a huge bacon, avocado burger.. in a wrap:)

Totally random pic of what I ate for lunch... a huge bacon, avocado burger.. in a wrap:)


Now this is just a song. But look around. Everything you see, hear, touch, smell... well not always smell;) but mostly everything began simply with a thought. Whether it was the initial thought of God... or man. Forces put that thought into motion and creation began.

Earlier this year I began doing this: Before I sing somewhere, like right before I sing I would say in my head or under my breath: "Father God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit - sing through me." It's my way of making sure I'm connected to "the force". It centers me, relaxes me, while helping me realize that it's not about me. However, these days I find myself saying this much more often, even when I'm not singing. What is life really, but one long song anyway, right? I do find my days go smoother with this simple mini prayer, if you want to call it that. Try it! Maybe one day someone will sense that the force is strong in you! However, I do suggest you not choose the dark side, but that's another blog:)

Everything is energy. Even thoughts. Especially thoughts. So choose them wisely.